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Mark Peter Winkless was born on  the 11th of November 1980 on the Braunstone Estate in Leicester. He gained a hard man reputation growing up but has since turned his life around and started a career in acting. Mark has already appeared in films, music videos, TV programmes and documentaries, he has also had numerous photo-shoots to build up his portfolio as well as being DBS Certified.

“My aim in life now is to go from being a youngster with no carpet to a future on the red carpet.”


Bath is Black Music Video

Zomby with Love Music Video

Scene in Family Guy – Freaking Griffin

Paperchase – Mother’s Day Advert

Underground bare knuckle fighting documentary

Photo Shoot with Forever Ink to create portfolio of my tattoos

Fox Sport trailer

Never mind the Buzzcocks

Film – Mirrors

The Fox Men – We’re the Blues Anthem

Film – Parallel

C4 – No Offence

Film – Little Bastards

Film – Rossi’s Boyz

A collection of photographs


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